About us

H2H (Hand 2 Hand) was started in September 2000, at the initiative of Tom Andreassen. From 1994 to 2000, Tom was employed by another Norwegian aid organization and worked full-time in relief work. He has worked on projects in Romania for a few years and has visited the country several times since 1995. In addition, Tom has worked on aid projects in Albania, Ukraine, Tanzania, Sudan and Kenya. When he joined this organization in 1999 and started working at a youth institution in Norway, he started H2H. Tom is an educated photographer, but has countless courses and many years of experience with youth work and drug rehabilitation.

H2H runs its work in Romania because it was the country they already knew best,
and he had a good network of contacts there.

H2H eventually got several assistants and supporters in Norway. Several of these are educated and work in child welfare, school, substance abuse, etc. Together, they have long experience from work in substance abuse, child welfare and psychiatry that will benefit H2H in their projects.

H2H is a voluntary association. No one involved receives wages or fees for their efforts, and all funds go directly to our projects. This is an essential principle for H2H, and one of the reasons H2H started up.

H2H currently has an employee in Romania who is fully paid by Lindhaugen AS 50% and MMC Hotels 50%.

H2H receives its revenue from cultural events, sponsors and regular donors, and has several concerts a year. These are advertised through, among other things, our website.