Orphanage: We are involved in several orphanages in Romania. We have treatment programs as well as English courses for the children. In addition, we carry out a number of activities during the year. We also help one “shelter” for those who have nowhere to be.

Family support: We work with several poor families where we assist with everything from necessary support to development and education.

Education, health and safety: Our brand new commitment will be under this heading. In one of Europe’s poorest corners, we are initially establishing this project. This is in Voartopele De Sus in Romania. We have worked on the site with a specific family for several years and now want to do something for the entire community. In collaboration with school, fire, police and ambulance personnel from
Norway / Sweden.

Letter to Santa: One of the highlights of the year is Christmas, as is the case in Romania. Many of the children / young people we have contact with throughout the year do not have parents or family who are able to give them a package of what they want. Therefore, the project “Letter to Santa” has become an annual tradition. Last year we received hundreds of wishes and believe it or not everyone got their gift. These are gifts purchased by families and businesses in Romania that have the opportunity to reach out.

Other projects: When we have the opportunity and resources, we assist at the centers we have come to know for several years.