For children, love means time, hugs, to be listen, a kind word, a smile, a word of wisdom.

And Nicuța Enache, Niki as children call her, knows that! That’s why on their birthday, June 1st, he paid them a visit.

Respecting the rules of protection and hygiene, they spent a few hours together, during which the little ones enjoyed delicious pizza prepared by Latin Pizza (a pizza place in Bucharest that prepared pizzas specially for them) , laughed and talked together. They haven’t seen each other in a while, so coming to the center was a big celebration. And for the children an even greater joy. Niki is the old friend of C.S.C.D. Rucăr-Argeș and because the little ones in the center are very dear to her, she always thinks of them and visits them whenever she has the opportunity. And she always brings them gifts. But the most important thing is her presence in the center, with them, whenever she has time to visit them.

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