Among the friends of the NGO we have all kinds of souls. We have people in the field of art, economy, tourism and even great lovers of mountains and nature. One of them, Mihai had a wonderful idea: to take, for the beginning, 5 children from the beneficiaries we work with and to take them to the mountains. Not anyhow, but with the tent. Said and done. We went to our old friends from the Life and Light Foundation and the first ones who agreed to go to the mountains were Sara, Laura, Emil, Alberto and Marian. So on a Saturday morning Răzvan and Andreea Costache, Mihai Ventoniuc and Alexandru Toader left, together with the children, for Cheile Râșnoavei. There they camped and climbed and set up a campfire. The next day they went on a day trip to the Curmătura hut. They learned a little about the mountains, rock climbing, the equipment needed for hiking and how good it is to walk in nature. This is the first edition of “way out in the mountains”. They will follow. At least that’s what Mihai promised.

We want to have a continuity with this project and we hope you will be close to us and support us. We believe in the importance of making young people aware of the benefits of nature.

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