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It’s been a few days since March 1, but any day is a good time to give flowers and visit the children in the centers. So on Friday, March 2, we went shopping: flowers, oranges and chocolate. The first stop was at the Day and Night Shelter, Sector 5. We wished our good friend Sidonia […]


Over time, we received several donations. We gave the vast majority of them immediately, and if we had a few left, we prayed left and right for a deposit, for a short period of time. We have had our own warehouse for almost two years. And because we have a generous storage space, many donations […]

Malin & Åge

H2H Romania projects could not be implemented if we did not have people willing to get involved and write, with us, beautiful stories. This is what happens when Tom comes to Romania and brings with him wonderful artists who support charity concerts for the NGO. The same happened with Åge Sten Nilsen and Malin Cecilia […]

Volunteer Gala

The competition “National Gala of Volunteers” is organized by the Federation VOLUME – Federation of Organizations that Support the Development of Volunteering in Romania. It is a long-awaited event that brings together CSR projects, volunteers and project coordinators. Make friends, brainstorm ideas and reward initiatives. Over time, during the gala we had nominations for the […]

Denisa on vacation

Beautiful things happen when we think of each other. Michelle, a friend of the NGO, did this and in the summer she took Denisa , from Life and Light Foundation, for a camp in the mountains. The little one spent wonderful days with the other children and fully enjoyed the camp activities. She arched, hiked […]

Donate Christmas trees

What is a Christmas without a Christmas tree? Or without the smell of fir in the house? What would a Christmas be like without garlands, globes and stars? This year, the people from, Silva Group Romania, together with Promenada Mall, carried out a storytelling campaign. 3 Christmas trees were placed in the Promenada Mall, […]


Personal hygiene products are always welcome in any center. That is why our friends from Provident Bucharest have collected several such products, clothes, toys and sweets. The action had as beneficiaries children from three of the centers we collaborate with: Joyo Foundation, Life and Light Foundation and Day and Night Shelter sector 5, all from […]