We rent out sound, lighting and stage equipment for most needs for both small and medium-sized events. In addition, we have contact with personnel who can help with rigging and operation of technical equipment such as sound systems. We like to work with charity organizations and have options for smaller local bands, where we can rent out equipment in exchange for a percentage of ticket revenue, rent without risk.

H2H MUSIC is an organization that goes hand in hand with the aid organization Hand-2-hand (H2H). The purpose of H2H Music is to contribute to the work of H2H, with the profits going directly to the organisation

H2H has held music and cultural events for several years to earn money for its purposes. Based on the experiences and contacts we have developed during these years, H2H MUSIC became a natural development to contribute to the work we carry out.

As H2H and H2H MUSIC are based in Halden, we mainly operate in our local environment, Viken and the Oslo area. Feel free to contact us for a chat about packages we can adapt to your needs, prices or our work in Romania.

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