It is the third year when the project ”Letters for Santa Clause” is on. We already know what are the steps of the project and when exactly we should start the preparations for it. The kids know exactly what to write to Santa from a year before, so they are so anxious to write him a letter to tell all their wishes.
Each year we visit all the centre that we involve in this project, till the beginning of October. We gave the kids a maximum of 14 days to write or draw the letter for Santa and then we start the “elf” job: we give the letters to all the people that would like to be involved in this project. In less than three weeks the NGO’s space is full with presents. All the elves take their mission serious, they accomplish the kids wishes, buying almost everything they wished for, bring the presents to the NGO’s headquarters and then waiting for the big day, the day when we give the presents to the kids.
This year Santa had great elves. They made 500 presents for renters in Bucharest, Bravo, Pitești and Rucăr.
The happy faces of the kids when seeing that the presents that they wish for is in their hands, is hard to describe intro words.
We thank to all the people that supported us in succeeding with this project.