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Health and art

In order to build a healthy society, it is important, beside the act of giving, to be able to teach those who are part of it, to secure a future and to build a healthy life by their own power.. Hence the idea of ​​our two-month project, both in Bucharest and Teleorman. Health information sessions […]

Happy birthday Vali

Vali is an old friend of the NGO. Through the time he was involved in different projects: he was elf in our Christmas campaign “Letter to Santa Clause”, he was together with the ones in Endava, helping in all the project that we made together with them. This time Vali decided to do something more. […]

OMV ground art-therapy in foster-houses

Art-therapy Phronetik activities help people to reach a better understanding of themselves, to detention of the anxieties and the accumulated tensions, to develop communication abilities, to practice and optimise their own capacities of relational with others, reaching, in the end to elaborate a strategy to solve conflicts. In the NGO we have therapist that are […]

We inaugurated the hazoo

The hazoo story and the fund-raising campaign has been advertised a lot. This was the only way we could raise the money for achieving the goal of building it. Here you could read more about it. And because a new thing has to be celebrated, we didn’t disobey the rule. We went to the kids […]

Main sponsor Lindhaugen AS

H2H are proud to present our Main sponsor Lindhaugen AS. Machine contractor and landscaper company helps to strengt our commitment in Romania. H2H appreciate these help very much. Lindhaugen AS contributes with founds , that have made it possible for H2H to  create a 50% work position. Alexandra Adina Radescu is employed by Lindhaugen AS, […]

H2H´s biggest project ever

H2H stands in front of the biggest project ever, Under the headline « Education-health-Security». We Have as goal to help under all these 3 categories in Voartopele De Sus. The area has been ranged as one of the porest areas in europe. Already have 5 students and 2 teachers from halden high school been down […]

Architect of the good

Architect of the good   “If it were not, it would not be told.” That’s how a fairy tale begins, a happy ending story. There is no story or fairytale in this case. It is a true story. After working for more than 17 years, Tom’s good deeds and his efforts to make H2H an […]

New project

During our visit to Romania in september, we were told that Voartopele De Sus is ranked as one of the poorest areas in Europe. To paint a picture of the situation, we were told that the local fire-station`s only fire-truck, has been inoperative (not starting) for numerous years. H2H contacted Jan Burud, firefighter at Halden […]