During our visit to Romania in september, we were told that Voartopele De Sus is ranked as one of the poorest areas in Europe. To paint a picture of the situation, we were told that the local fire-station`s only fire-truck, has been inoperative (not starting) for numerous years. H2H contacted Jan Burud, firefighter at Halden firestation, which immediately agreed to help try to find a way to help. We went across the border and held a short presentation of the situation and project at the «Center of Firedepartment & Paramedics» in Strømstad. Both fire and paramedics agreed to assist in one way or the other. Now, with the foundation being made, our project is given a title « Education – Health – Security». We`re already in the progress of mapping out plans of action and establishing fundraising. First thing, will be to acquire a fire-truck and an ambulance (health car) equipped with the necessary equipment and tools for being operative, and a school upgrade by providing various items like computers etc. Jan Burud and Tom is having a meeting with the mayor, Ilie Buhoc during november. Stay tuned for project status, info and outcome of the meeting.