Architect of the good


“If it were not, it would not be told.” That’s how a fairy tale begins, a happy ending story. There is no story or fairytale in this case. It is a true story. After working for more than 17 years, Tom’s good deeds and his efforts to make H2H an NGO to support children in foster houses, but not only, he is nominated in this gala. And not every kind of gala but Gala People for People. The Gala, which year after year, brings together people, volunteers, companies that invest their time to do good deeds to those in need. On November 15th 2017 Tom will participate in the gala organized by the Association for Community Relations as one of the “architects of the good” to tell the H2H”s story with all its projects, dreams and plans. We give lots of thank for the invitation. See you at the gala!