In order to build a healthy society, it is important, beside the act of giving, to be able to teach those who are part of it, to secure a future and to build a healthy life by their own power.. Hence the idea of ​​our two-month project, both in Bucharest and Teleorman.

Health information sessions and art workshops, for which we did not find an acronym, were 8 weeks in which 200 children learned about hygiene, first aid, art therapy, architecture, theater and zumba.

The health information sessions were supported by 8 volunteers, students at the “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Bucharest.

Every Saturday in April we went to the village of Vartopapele de Sus, where 100 children, grades V-VIII, were waiting for us, willing to participate in the project. Medical students held the workshops every week. The first workshop was on body hygiene, second on first aid, third on domestic violence and human rights, and fourth on sexual education.

The same workshops were held throughout Bucharest in May for children coming to the Joyo Foundation.

The month of May was totally dedicated to art. Theater workshops, architecture, art therapy, zumba supported by actors, architects, art therapists and choreographers volunteers for the same number of children and in the same locations.

It’s been two months in which we met children who are keen to know more, eager to learn new things, develop their creativity and trust in them.

These sessions are at the first edition, but we hope to become an annual project.

These sessions would not have been possible without the help of more than 15 volunteers and our sponsors: Olympus, Cooperativa FruFru, Transvision Transport, Colgate, Endava and Bella, to whom we thank for everything.