The gazebo that is in the garden of the children from the Day and Night shelter, sector 5, Bucharest, was made by the great hurdlers from Comana, from ”The Paper Mill”. This magical place is like heaven. Where? In Comana? What is it’s aim and how is behind it? Some wonderful people, with a eight hours job, but who thought to do something good for the community in witch they live. After a good documentation regarding how hand-made produce paper, they thought outside the box and created a big and cosy place where they developed different activities, like hand-made crafts.

They were nice to us and they received us to spent a day with them. We wake up early in the morning, took all the kids in the bus and together with some of their teachers we went to Comana.

We have visited the “Handicraft Village” and we took place in a live demonstration of how to produce a 100% ecological paper. Than each kid made his own paper. They were so happy to see how to do a paper with their own hands.

The day spent in Comana, at the “Handicraft Village” it was a day with lots of joy and happiness. Thank you so much great people from “The Paper Mill”