The hazoo story and the fund-raising campaign has been advertised a lot. This was the only way we could raise the money for achieving the goal of building it. Here you could read more about it.

And because a new thing has to be celebrated, we didn’t disobey the rule. We went to the kids from the Shelter, together with Raluca, one of our volunteers and we brought sweets donated by Whiteland Sales&Marketing and natural juices given by Sloop.

Was a happy inauguration, with eating a lot of sweets, some playing games and a lot of smiling faces. We talked with the kids about school and what have they done lately, if they have been naughty and of course if they like the hazboo. Their answer was “YES” It seem that it was worth running 150 km for it.

We thank a lot to all the people that helped us completing this project.