March is the first month of spring. We are happy to get ride of the winter and we are able to see green trees and birds singing. We all have much more creativity and inspiration. We took advantage of this kick of energy and we started a new project, together with the ones in HP Bucharest. 

We dedicated a full week-end in order to make traditional Romanian spring sings, called “mărțișoare”. We did together with the kids from “Life&Light” (sector 1) and “Day&Night shelter” (sector 5), 140 chalk powder figurine, that we put in different mould. We waited for them to dry and than we started to paint them. Together with a part of our volunteers and the kids we could make really funny “mărțișoare”.

So the work of the kids could be reworded and they could be happy of what they did, the people on HP Bucharest did something beautiful: they organised an intern fair in which the spring signs were held and people could donate as much as they wanted. After this intern fair they were able to raise 1240 lei, sum that was equally split between the two centres. 

From this money the centres bought necessary stuff as some pairs of shoes, food, cleaning products and even some furniture.

We thank HP Bucharest for their support and loyalty.